3 Cheers For This Cake That Never Goes Out Of Style!

Make Two Of These – Trust Me

My grandmother was never a drama queen, nor was she ever craving for attention. However, she still got it wherever she went! It wasn’t her looks (although to me she was the most beautiful Nana in the world) and her outfits were pretty “normal”, too, if you can say that. But she was full of this positive energy for life, humor, laughter, sparkling eyes and endless songs – everyone loved her and remembered her, even if they had only met her once.

Or maybe it was her cooking and baking skills, after all! She always arranged our family get-togethers, making 3-course meals (plus, the cake to go with coffee afterwards). My goodness, we ate until we could barely walk anymore!
She made the kind of cakes that would cure a broken heart, headache and a bad hair day. Most of the recipes she knew by heart and never wrote them down, but some have been in our family for decades. I love recipes like that. They make me feel like I’m still connected to my grandmother, even though she is no longer with us.

This pound cake very much reminds me of my grandmothers “Everyday Cake”, as she used to call it. She thought there was nothing too special about it and she wouldn’t serve it for any fancy occasion.
I totally disagreed, of course. I love a good old-fashioned pound cake – it can be served any time! Add some frosting or sugar glaze and it’s definitely good for a special occasion. If I could only keep one cake recipe, I would have to choose this one. Yummy!
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