3 Ingredient Chicken

Just 3 simple ingredients make this delectable and easy chicken dinner.

Want a really no-fuss dinner where you need nothing special in the way of ingredients and that has almost zero prep work? Oh and most importantly, that it’s awesomely delicious? Then here’s the recipe.

I saw this kicking around Pinterest. It wasn’t from a website or recipe page, simply somebody who took a pic with their phone and put the recipe & method in the description. This gal is my kind of cook! I looked but she didn’t have anything else of her own in her profile.

There was nothing else but the chicken in the recipe. I tossed in some orphaned mushrooms I had in the crisper–naturally I overbought again on a sale.

Now if you want to make this a truly “one-dish” complete meal, I’d suggest tossing in some fresh or frozen whole green beans. The green beans will get a lovely flavor not just from roasting them, but from the chicken coating–which all that amounts to is brown sugar and dry Italian salad dressing mix.

I know I say this ALL the time, but it still amazes me at how very few simple ingredients can produce the most tasty meals. Again, this is another one of those meals. Most of us have brown sugar on hand and I would venture a guess that many also have a packet of Italian dressing mix in the cupboard too.

You can use either boneless skinless breasts or thighs in this. Either will work, and I used thighs here. OK, mine had bone in them, but I did remove the skin. Unless they are on sale, boneless skinless thighs are pricy. My store had regular thighs on sale for 88 cents per pound and that’s what’s in the pictures. I guess I could have de-boned them myself, but I’ve gotten way too lazy for that!! The juice from this is just lovely–not greasy nor fatty because the skin and most of the fat is removed from the chicken. It makes a great dipping sauce!


Source: http://bakeatmidnite.com/3-ingredient-italian-chicken/

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