5 Ingredient Avalanche Cookies

When we first heard the name “avalanche cookies” we weren’t totally sure if the name was at all connected with the contents of the cookie, but upon putting our own special spin on them and making a batch this past weekend, it all makes sense. These cookies are sort of an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink treat, and it’s as if all the ingredients got swept up in an avalanche and what you’re left with is once everything settles are these tasty cookies …or maybe we’re just reading a little too much into the name, who knows?!

Regardless, there’s something about these peanut buttery, marshmallowy, light-as-air “pillows” that has us hooked. If you were a fan of peanut butter and fluff sandwiches growing up (or are current fans of those tasty sammies, as we are), you will love this recipe. It’s easy to whip up, meaning you could have cookies in as much time as it takes to melt everything and stir it together – what’s not to love?? These avalanche cookies are ridiculously delicious and totally addictive; you’ve been warned!

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