A Classic Treat: Vintage Creamy Grape Salad

I don’t know why we ever stop making certain recipes from days gone by because they are so good! Take this creamy grape salad for instance. It’s easy to make and tastes incredible! However, you never see dishes like this at parties or get-togethers anymore. well, folks, I’m about to change all of that because after you see the recipe on the following page I know you’re going to want to make this yummy vintage dessert.
This creamy grape salad is a staple in my home during the holidays. I like to serve it each year at Christmas dinner. everyone looks forward to it.

Mix your salad in a transparent glass bowl so everyone can see the beautiful colors of the grapes and pecans. Enjoy!

This is such a delightful little dessert to make. it’s easy and so sweet! The grapes themselves give this yummy little number enough sweetness as it is but some folks like the added sugar in the cream cheese. I added a lot of pecans to this recipe and some of them I did not chop. I thought it gave the dessert a lovely presentation. This is one of the desserts that I always serve during the holidays. Everyone loves it.
Well, almost everyone as my youngest son is allergic to tree nuts so we make him a separate batch sans pecans. he doesn’t mind ?
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