A Popular Tuna Is Being Recalled…Find Out Which One and What to Do

You May Need to Get Vaccinated…Read On to Learn More!

If you eat tuna when you dine out, then you’re going to want to read on because there’s a pretty scary recall on a brand of frozen yellowfin tuna sold at many restaurants. While the tuna hasn’t been sold in stores, anyone who ate at restaurants could be at risk of Hepatitis A, a liver infection that’s highly contagious and can a wide range of symptoms ranging from fever to abdominal pain, but may not cause symptoms at all. Making things even more complicated, people affected often don’t show symptoms until 10 to 15 days after they’re infected.

While there haven’t been any reports of illness, the companies and authorities aren’t taking any chances. The issue first came to light May 1 when the Hawaii Department of Health recalled some of the frozen tuna, samples of which had tested positive for Hepatitis A. Then Hilo Fish Company found more contaminated samples in the middle of the month, and now the FDA is taking additional samples and instituting measures to screen imported seafood.

To learn what products are affected and if you might be at risk, please continue to Next Page (>) for the full story.

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