A Really Sweet Treat – Individual Crème Brûlée!

Creme brulee is one of those desserts that is light, fluffy and ever so tasty. I think I could eat me some creme brulee at least once a week.
Plus, it really isn’t all that bad for you. I like to swap out the sugar for stevia and then this “dessert” becomes a low-carb indulgence. If you are following a ketogenic diet the addition of heavy whipping cream will help you get your fat intake. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

I love the way this dessert looks in individual ramekins. So classy and fun! You can also bake the creme brulee in oven-safe glass mugs. Such a wonderful recipe and very easy to make. Enjoy!
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If you’re anything like me you have probably thought that a dessert like creme brulee was super fancy and only served in up-class cafes. Well, we are both wrong guys and gals. creme brulee certainly does look and sound fancy but it only consists of 5 basic ingredients. If you’ve got sugar, eggs, cream, vanilla, and water you have the bare essentials for making creme brulee. Yay for you! Plus, it’s easy to make.
My 16-year-old daughter enjoys making these little individual creme brulees for our family. It only takes her a little while to get everything whipped up and in the oven. The dessert smells heavenly as it bakes.
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