A simple dessert that people love!

Soooo Gooood, my newest addiction!! Love frozen chocolate dipped bananas and love these bite sized treats even more with the addition of peanut butter and because they are bite sized. I used a bag of semisweet chocolate chips and did not add shortening once they were melted. I also sub’d the toffee chips out and used crushed peanuts instead.

Peanut butter and banana chunks really need to be frozen well to make the next step of dipping in chocolate work well. I didn’t measure the peanut butter either and just used my judgment when topping a banana slice. These little frozen bites of delight are rich, satisfying and delicious!

A simple dessert that people love! You can use anything you want in place of the toffee: sprinkles, nuts, cookie crumbs, or whatever! This is also really good with dark chocolate.


1 cup peanut butter
4 bananas, sliced into 1-inch rounds

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