Add Some Eggnog To Your Bread Pudding, But The Scrumptious Secret Is In The Glaze

It’s Impossible Not To Love This Amazing Treat
Hold on just a second – what did I just say?? Eggnog for bread pudding? I know what you’re thinking; “this can’t be good”. Oh, but, it is! It’s so good you’re going to wonder how on Earth you hadn’t thought of it before. It’s all the yummy flavors we love so much, combined together to make the most incredible bread pudding in the world.
I’ll be the first one to admit it sounded weird to me. In fact, I almost skipped this one – until I thought, what a heck. It’s the Holidays, let’s give this one a try. Before I knew it, the whole house smelled so delicious I basically had to shoo the neighbors away from the door… Just kidding! I would be happy to serve this to my neighbors, or anyone, for that matter. It’s so easy to make, I might as well double the ingredients and invite everyone for a nice brunch!
But it’s not even the custardy eggnog that takes this bread pudding to the next level. The secret is in the glaze…

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