Almond Butter Fudge

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Wow. Yum. I bet this is amazing! I made thin mint truffles last night and stuck them in the freezer…they were perfect-and the base was coconut oil and almond butter…a couple of my 2 favs!
Thanks for sharing another fab recipe!

That sounds fabulous!! Tahini has always freaked me out in desserts, since I’ve always found the taste so bitter, but I think I may need to try something like that again. 🙂

Totally making this, yummy! I love that we are completely embracing our sweet teeth 🙂 I just had lunch and needed a little something extra. I had a large trader joe dark chocolate bar in my drawer and I just ate half of it. It was totally decadent and delicious and completely allowed!

Before, I would have either denied the desire for something sweet and binged later, or ate the whole chocolate bar and then beat myself up mentally for having eaten it, and then probably eaten more just because I had eaten it. Today, I had half the bar, loved it, felt great and properly combined and moved on with my day.

The best part is I didn’t feel this compulsive need to eat the rest of the candy, or to keep eating searching for more sweet. I owe alot of this to you and your wonderful website, thank you!

I love your interesting recipes! I’ve made a few of your recipes before (now including this one, as it doesn’t take much time at all), and while they never look as pretty as yours – they always taste good! Great job, and keep them coming!:)


1 cup creamy almond butter
1/4 cup coconut oil…
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