My favorite (and only, but still favorite) sister Betsy has been visiting during Christmas, and the night she first arrived, she brought a bag full of wine-friendly treats for us, including a container of pimento cheese made with—get ready—smoked Gouda cheese. She got it at Whole Foods, I think, and she and I polished off about half of it that night as we got caught up on all the things sisters catch up on. It didn’t take us long the next day to finish up the rest.

Bets spent a few days in Tulsa after that, then returned to the ranch Saturday night with—praise the heavens—more of the dang pimento cheese. We ate it till it was gone.

Since New Year’s Eve is upon us, and there’s no telling who’ll be over here in the coming days, I whipped up a batch of pimento cheese yesterday. I added chipotle, which somewhat mimicked the smokiness of the Gouda, and after it had chilled for a couple of hours, I ate some of the pimento cheese last night along with approximately 1,000 Castelvetrano olives. (Warning: If you love olives and have never tried Castelvetrano olives, do yourself a favor: Don’t. There’ll be no turning back.)

Here’s how to make the pimento cheese, though keep in mind you can add whatever your heart tells you to add—anything from sliced green onions to chopped black or green olives to sundried tomatoes. And as far as what you can do with it? The possibilities are endless. Eat it as a munchie, spread on crackers or smeared in small, hollowed-out peppers, or make little tea sandwiches with it, or—get ready—spread it between two slices of bread and turn it into a grilled cheese!

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