Amish Brown Sugar Cookies

As you know, we’re absolute sugar fiends over here, going crazy for basically any type of dessert, be it cake, cookies, ice cream or puddings. We won’t (read: can’t) choose favorites, but we do take our love of cookies pretty seriously. When you’ve made and tried as many as we have, you’ll trust us when we say we’ve found a great cookie that can’t be beat…and these Brown Sugar Amish Cookies are pure perfection. You may have heard of a version without brown sugar, but it’s precisely the brown sugar that makes these ones so, so yummy. That, along with a hefty dose of cinnamon, turns these treats into a cookie version of your favorite spice cake: deliciously soft and never dry.

Once you’ve got your delectable cookies out of the oven – don’t worry if they’re still a little soft when they come out of the oven, they’ll firm up – let them cool and get to work on your glaze. Maple syrup is the best compliment to the brown sugar and cinnamon in the cookies, so definitely don’t skip it here in the icing.

Whether you want a big batch of cookies for a party or event, or you just want to whip them up for you and your family over the weekend, you really can’t go wrong with these. And whether or not you decide to make an extra batch of dough to stash in the freezer for future sweet tooth cravings is totally up to you…

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