Apple Bread Pudding With A Warm Butter Sauce – It Hits The Spot

The Way Grandma Always Made This!
You really can’t get more comforting than bread pudding. It’s warm, fluffy, and acts like a hug for your belly.
Bread pudding is insanely easy to make, too. I can remember my grandma making bread pudding and watching her tear up all of the bread as she did and placing it into a baking dish. If one didn’t know better you would think she was making stuffing. I guess bread pudding is a form of stuffing…a sweet stuffing.

If you are looking for a breakfast casserole or item to feed a crowd or serve at a potluck meal, consider making this apple and warm butter sauce bread pudding. It’s economical and tasty!
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Bread pudding is one of my favorite things to eat. Well, it was one of my favorite things too easy and then I started eating a low-carb diet. I have yet to find a substitution for bread pudding. LOL! Anyway, my grandma used to make bread pudding quite a bit when I was little. She would serve it for breakfast and it was yummy. Grandma;s bread pudding never contained any fruit, just bread, and spices.
This recipe contains apples and a warm butter sauce. It makes my mouth water. I made it for my family the other day and yes, I did sample a little nibble. I had to! It was for testing purposes ?
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