Apple Butter Spice Cake

A deliciously simple and crazy moist cake recipe that resembles a quick bread. Loaded with apple butter, spice, and buttermilk, and then covered with a sweet orange glaze. Apple Butter Spice Cake is perfect with coffee and makes great gifts!

Evan got a camera for Christmas last year and he is pretty funny with it. For awhile he took pictures of everything everywhere all the time.

He actually started photographing our family get-togethers and then we had to have a little talk about flattering photos and how to take them. Shoulders up, buddy. And don’t take photos from down low.

You guys know what I’m talking about, right? The webcam selfie fail where the camera is clearly sitting on the table and even if you are 94 pounds you look like you have 6 chins? That is what happens when you are tall and are being photographed by a ten-year-old.

So after family portraits lost their appeal he started making stop-motion videos of Matchbox car crashes on the living room floor. One of them came complete with a tow truck handling the wreckage. It was super creative and adorable but then I stepped on one too many cars/legos/wooden blocks littering the floor and we had to shut video production down.

So then Evan started crashing my food photo shoots which is pretty much the most flattering and squishy cute thing in the whole entire world.

He hovers behind me until I am through and then swoops in to get a few shots. Watching him watch the world through a camera is really really endearing and wonderful. He is observing and learning what he likes and is figuring things out in his own little ten-year-old way. I think I should solicit my kid to make us some stop-motion cooking videos.

And while we are talking about Evan, you should know that this cake has his stamp of approval. I was informed that he would like to have this as his next birthday cake. In February. Because when you are then you are always planning for the next big event.

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