Aunt Beatrix’ Homemade Pumpkin-Pecan Fudge

My sons are fond of anything chewy.
I would like to say that they love playing with their food, but they really don’t. I would have stopped them. They just really love breaking a cookie or a fudge into two before pressing them lightly between their fingers and dunking them on their glass of milk. Calvin loves his cookies. He’s been obsessed with cookies ever since he was old enough to taste food.
Now that he and Chiyo are four, his obsession with cookies just doubled. I have to put the cookie jar higher than just the kitchen counter because he can now reach it.
Since my sons have “sweet tooth”, I want to at least incorporate something healthy in the sweets. Sometimes, I use potatoes as base for those chewy sweets. I make sure I use the freshest berries and use very little sugar on pies.
This chewy homemade pumpkin fudge is absolutely one of my favorite things to prepare though. They’re healthy and at the same time sweet and yummy that it’s hard not to love them. My husband loves them to and he loves to sneak a couple of pieces before he leaves for work. Yup, Calvin probably got that sneakiness from him.

This is perfect as gifts for friends or family members too. You can cut them in the desired shape you want and you can put them inside those tin cans that just look so pretty. Everyone will appreciate such a lovely and yummy gift. It’s easy to make and at the same time easy to eat. My family loves eating these pieces. I serve this with coffee for my husband and milk for my two sons. My sons love dipping everything in milk so that’s what they do with this chewy fudge!
However you might want to eat this, I am sure you’re going to love this!

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