Aunt Margie’s Crock Pot Meatloaf Is The Best Of Them All!

My uncle used to love meatloaf, but he does not anymore. My grandma was recently telling me why, and it made me crack up. When my grandma got to the States as an immigrant from Cuba, she had my dad and uncle with her (along with my grandpa, of course). They could not afford much so they would look for simple recipes that served many. One of the recipes she discovered was meatloaf. My uncle apparently told her how much he liked it so often that she made it over and over again. Well, as would happen to any of us probably, he began to detest it.

To this day, my uncle has never had meatloaf again. He cannot enjoy it. He is over the taste and says it reminds him of the hardship they went through when they got to this country to try and find jobs and make money. Well, I do not hate meatloaf. In fact, I really love it! So what I have done is made meatloaf the easiest way possible: in the crock pot. This has saved me so much time and made it hassle free! It is no longer messy and everything stays in one place.

My husband also loves meatloaf, it’s been his favorite since childhood. His mom and grandma used to make it often because it made a great dinner as well as leftovers for lunch the next day. One thing I have never tried is how his grandma used to make it. Before baking, she would put two hard boiled eggs inside the meatloaf. The juices of the meat would infuse the egg and it would look really pretty when it was cut. I am going to make this crock pot meatloaf tonight with two boiled eggs inside. I can’t wait to try it!

Check out what our friends over at Cincy Shopper had to say about this:
“To my amazement our Slow Cooker Meatloaf Recipe came out BETTER than the meatloaf I have cooked in the oven. So much better.”

I SO agree! Making meatloaf in the slow cooker makes it even better than the oven. I think it is because the juices slowly simmer away into the meatloaf. Dee-lish!

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