Aunt Millie’s Sensational 7UP Cake – It’s The BEST Bundt On The Block

When I was about 4 or 5 years old I remember my Sunday School teacher making the best ever treats.

She would bring all the little kids a little something to munch on while she taught her class and once a month, she would bring a real special treat. Usually, that consisted of cookies, cinnamon rolls, or even pizza every now and then. But one day she showed up with an amazing cake. She did not tell us what was in it until we were done eating it, but I remember being totally baffled. This cake is light and fluffy and has all the perfect flavors. It is full of lemon flavors and is a little tart, but still perfectly sweet. The glaze over the top is soft and melted and it makes for a really delicious afternoon treat.

I think it would go so well with a cup of tea!

After we finished eating it, our teacher told us it was made with 7 up. That is what gave it that amazing lemon flavor. I was mind blown. How could soda make a cake so good? But it was so, and I was not disappointed…instead, I decided to make it at home!

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