Baked Beef And Cheese Surprise: You Won’t Believe What Ingredient Gives This Dish So Much Flavor!

Who loves tofu? Can you please raise your hands? I could see quite a few. I love tofu. I am probably one of the very few in the family who loves it. The kids most especially hate it. They didn’t like the watery taste of the tofu (ironically though, they love soy milk) and always complained that they taste bland. They will never eat it no matter how much you convince them. So when Andy found this recipe over at Noob Cook, she immediately told me she would be able to make my niece crave for this one.

I knew not to doubt Andy. She has done a lot of impossible things when it came to making my niece love even vegetables that she doesn’t like. So I told her that I simply believe her, but I need to be there when it happens. So she invited me one night for dinner and served this very aromatic baked dish.

When I asked her what it was, she told me that it was made of tofu, beef, and cheese. We watched as my niece devoured the entire dish and kept asking for more. When I finally got to taste it, I too became addicted. It’s hard not to when the tofu tasted so good with beef and cheese! A similar recipe can be found on the Next Page(>). I hope your family will enjoy this!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Noob Cook.

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