Baked Chili Cheese Dogs: Pleasing Taste Buds Since 1945

My daughter’s softball games were starting, so it was going to be the beginning of eating dinner in the car while we watched her warm up and before the game started.

It was a ritual that we had gotten pretty used to over the years that was for sure. On one of the first days, while we were sitting in our vehicle, one of the other moms came up to the window. She asked about maybe doing a dinner at the games instead of everyone always having to rush through a less than tasty meal. That sounded like a fantastic idea to me. Everyone could bring a dish to pass and nobody would get stuck eating greasy fast food.

The first time, I signed up to bring the main entree, just so that I could get it out of the way. I already knew what I was going to make. A new version of a hot dog that I had seen on the web with cheese and chili. It was going to be awesome!

These went over very well with both the players and the adults actually. I made up a couple of pans to make sure there were enough to go around, and all of them got eaten right up!

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