Black And White Cheese Cake Bars: A Party In A Pan!

The closest I got to achieving a perfect first-time cheesecake was a lumpy, frozen, no-bake Oreo cheesecake version with berries on top.
I had an excuse! I was basically just a kid back then when I first tried my hand on it. Even though I came from a family of great cooks, I was usually just one of the “taste testers”. My cheesecake tasted fine, however it looked hideous. It was a bit runny and It easily breaks. Food should catch someone’s eyes first, if not the smell. If it looked good, people will most likely try it. It doesn’t matter if some of them don’t want it; at least they got to try it. If your food looked bad, then no one will even try it even if it tasted good.
I practiced making cheesecakes ever since, and the end product now is basically a whole lot better than the one before; most especially now that I know the basic dessert terminologies. But I still can’t seem to make the perfect cheesecake.
And what I meant by the “perfect cheesecake” is, it’s a cheesecake that looks so good you don’t need to taste it first to know that it tastes so delicious.

Summer is usually the time for berry cheesecakes. It’s the season when my usually-busy friends have all the time to spend the day in their barely-touched kitchens. I probably get a couple of cheesecakes from friends every week. I can’t say no to either cheesecake or them. The most popular ones are strawberry cheesecakes and blueberry cheesecakes. I could probably have a Berry cheesecake party if I wanted to.
I wouldn’t be able to say no too no matter how shy I am. I will accept the second piece with probably a shy smile, but definitely with no hesitation. Any dessert with cream cheese on it is on top of my already long-list of favorite desserts.

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