Brown Sugar Banana Cake

The other day I was cleaning out my fridge and noticed I had an overabundance of brown frozen bananas just chilling hanging out in the freezer. Apparently, I had become a brown banana hoarder and didn’t realize it. I needed to use these bananas up so I set out for a fabulous banana cake recipe. I wanted to make a large cake so I doubled the recipe that I found. i also used extra bananas in it because this makes the cake super moist.

After my cake had baked, I allowed it to completely cook before frosting. And wouldn’t you know it? Sally came on down and had herself a piece as soon as it was ready. She can smell a cake baking from a mile away, that one. In case you didn’t know, Sally is my eccentric neighbor from up the street. She always has great things for me to make and eat and to share here with you guys ?

You are really going to be glad that you made this cake. it’s warm, moist, and super flavorful.

Check out what my pals over at Mr. Food had to say about this recipe:
“One of our favorite ways to use up ripe bananas is to bake ’em into a cake, like this Brown Sugar Banana Cake. This banana cake recipe makes such a moist and delicious cake that no one will be able to keep away!”

Yep! i will either bake a cake with my old nanners or make banana bread. What do you use brown bananas in?
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