Brown Sugar Caramel Pound Cake

I’m not much of a cusser. Cussing just doesn’t really do it for me. I prefer to use more creative forms of expression like “well pumper my nickel bread!” and things like that. But every now and then something comes along that just needs a solid DAMN DAMN DAAAAMN!!!

This brown sugar caramel pound cake is one of those things. Mercy. Excuse the crappy pictures by the way. Would you look at me differently if I told you that every time I got a slice I had to sing “I want some of your brown shuuuuga!”? I really did and now that you’ve just read that I can bet a dollar you’ll probably do the same thing. We’re in this together now.

But omagosh y’all let me tell you….. this pound cake! Baaaaabeeeee! Please forgive me for keeping this to myself for so long. I made this brown sugar caramel pound cake years ago for a cookout and totally forgot how amazing it was.

I filed it away under “recipes to post in the fall on Divas Can Cook” and never looked back. I’m good for doing things like that. It would be a sin to make you guys wait until the fall time for this. I You NEED this. Like right now!

This brown sugar caramel pound cake is incredible!! It’s fluffy and moist as heck! Full of buttery, vanilla, caramel flavors… epic I tell ya!

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