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Bubbly Broccoli and Cheddar Soup Made To Perfection!

For a long time, broccoli and cheese soup has been one of my favorite meals. My mom used to make it quite frequently when I was a child. Maybe it was just my immature perception but it seemed like it took mom forever and a day to make this soup. I have no idea what she did to it but it always turned out amazing. However, I don’t have time to fuss with soup for that long.
That’s why I LOVE this recipe because just as the title states, it is very basic. Now, don’t let that fool you into thinking that the soup tastes basic because it most certainly does not. this broccoli and cheese soup tastes like a professional chef came into your kitchen (or my mom) and spent hour making it for your family. Enjoy!
Recipe and photo courtesy of Food Network and Food.com.

Fun Fact: You get to control the consistency of this soup and can leave it thick or add chicken broth to thin it out some.

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