Buttermilk Slab Pie

We’ll admit it. If you haven’t had it before, buttermilk pie sounds a little weird. Buttermilk in a pie? Pie made of buttermilk? You might imagine a pie that’s sour, but you’d be wrong. In actuality, buttermilk pie is as sweet as can be. It’s delicate and subtle, and while we don’t understand exactly why, it just works. It works oh so well. There’s a reason this pie has been around for ages, and that reason is deliciousness.

It’s a pie that’s quickly become a favorite of ours, and since sharing is caring, we thought it would be the perfect flavor for a slab pie. Slab pie is a genius thing. It’s pie that’s baked up in a big ol’ baking sheet, which means there’s always plenty of pie to go around. They also tend to need less time in the oven since the filling isn’t as deep. And we must say, we’re really loving the filling to crust ratio in this particular recipe. It’s shallow enough that you don’t get overwhelmed by the custard, but it’s still got a good creamy bite to it.

You can make a slab pie really easily with refrigerated pie crusts. You just unroll the two pouches, stack them on top of each other, and roll them out into one big rectangle… about 12×17 inches.

Then you transfer the dough to a rimmed baking sheet and fold the excess under and flute the edges…

Since it’s a custardy pie, you can blind bake your pie crust first if you feel so inclined, but we’ve opted not to, and it turns out just fine if you don’t…

You pour in the filling and dust the entire thing with a good helping of nutmeg. You can use the ground stuff out of the spice jar, but it’s fun to break out the whole nutmeg every once in a while…

Then you bake it, and let it cool, and slice it up…

It’ll be a little bit jiggly when it comes out of the oven, but it will firm up as it cools. Just give it a good hour to cool before you slice it. And you’ll get 24 servings out of this pie if you slice it this way! That’s 23 people you can share this goodness with. That’s a whole lot of pie for not a lot of work.

The nutmeg provides a spicy contrast to the sweet filling. Buttermilk pie has a loooooong tradition, particularly in the south, and some recipes use lemon instead, but we just love the way the nutmeg cuts through that delicate sweetness.

It’s a simple pie that’s simply great, and slab pie makes it easy to feed a crowd. You’ll have a great quantity of pie come out of the oven… but when it comes to something as delicious as Buttermilk Pie, there’s no guarantee it’ll last too long.

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