Charm The Pants Off Dinner Guests With These Scalloped Potatoes

Okay, so I don’t think you want your dinner guests taking their pants off at your table, but these scalloped potatoes are sure to impress them! They might wind up making lots of happy sounds and smiling big throughout dinner. Oh, and be prepared for them to badger you for the recipe.
Guys, these potatoes are truly dreamy. I made them for our holiday dinner last year and they were quite a hit. I also made mashed potatoes and those poor things got neglected.
They actually took a backseat to the scallops. This is a recipe that will definitely stick in your collection of good things to eat. I love how crisp and brown the top of these potatoes turn out.
To me, that is the best part. You’ll also be amazed at how easy these scallops are to make. You’ll be chowing down on them in no time flat.

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