Chemtrails: NASA Plans To Fill East Coast Skies With Toxic Metals

This weekend, Saturday June 3rd, NASA planned to spray toxic metals into the skies along the east coast, essentially engaging in an admitted chemtrail operation.

However, poor weather delayed the operation to no sooner than June 11th.

It’ll all be done with a “sounding rocket” that releases barium, cupric-oxide, and strontium—and enough of the substances will be released that you’ll be able to see it in the sky.

As reported by Space.com:

If you’re along the mid-Atlantic coast…look up! A NASA sounding rocket will release luminescent blue-green and red vapor into the sky. Weather permitting, the artificial clouds will be visible from New York to North Carolina and west as far as Charlottesville, Virginia.


As for why our own government is creating artificial clouds, NASA claims they are studying air currents within the ionosphere.

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