Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Delicious and bursting with flavor, Asian lettuce wraps are a great idea for entertaining or a family style meal. Each person can build their own fresh, delicious wrap. Just be sure to have plates or napkins available since the mixture can sometimes drip a little. To serve, allow each person to spoon a portion of the meat into a lettuce leaf. Wrap the lettuce around the meat like a burrito and enjoy!

Please tell us you love P.F. Chang’s as much as we do. It’s so good, right?? There’s something about the ambience and the addictively delicious dishes that get us every time, so it’s always a joy to go. However, as much as we might like to go all the time and order everything on the menu, that would get pricey really quickly, so we decided to figure out a way to make one of our go-to P.F. Chang’s dishes in the comfort of our own home. Not only does it taste AMAZING, but we made it at a fraction of the cost of the original dish and we now know exactly what we’re going to be make at least once a week from here on out; it’s just that good!

Loved it! Added about 2Tbs of chili paste for spice. Next time I am going to make with ground turkey and add thinly sliced carrots and rice noodles for crunch. I made an asian dipping sauce to add on like at PF Changs (1tsp sesame oil, 2T soy, 2T rice vinegar, 1T chile paste, sugar and i green onion slices)

So which classic dish did we make? The chicken lettuce wraps, of course! The perfectly seasoned chicken – those crunchy water chestnuts are a game changer! – and the refreshing butter lettuce cups (which are the perfect vehicle for getting all that flavor into your mouth) combine to make such a yummy dish, and it was great to find out that it’s actually super easy to make at home! Start with some ground chicken, along with some ingredients from the international aisle in your grocery store, and then you’re ready to get cooking. A quick sauté to get everything cooked and all the flavors blended together, then you’re ready to start scooping your chicken into your lettuce wraps. Easy-peasy!

I was made this last night for my husband who loves PF Changs lettuce wraps. In trying to be more like those at PF Changs I used chicken instead of beef. Since chicken is a bit dryer I doubled all the liquid except the sesame oil (since it’s so flavorful). I also added crushed peanuts and bambooshoots. My husband was impressed and told me they were just as good as PF Changs.

We love this dish for how amazing it tastes and how easy it is to make, plus, it’s affordable and healthy; that’s a four-way tie in terms of greatness, if you ask us! Whether you just want to recreate the fun and flavor of P.F. Chang’s at home, or you want to have a yummy meal to look forward to throughout the week, this is definitely the way to go. Enjoy!


1 pound ground chicken
1 tablespoon olive oil
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