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Chicken Tortilla Crockpot Soup

My sister Betsy is visiting, which means my sides hurt from laughing and I haven’t stopped cooking for three days. Bets and I love to cook and eat together, and you never know what direction we’re going to head. Some visits we do nothing but bake cookies. Other visits we cook up weird stir fry dishes and appetizers. Other visits we try to master bread.

This visit has been all about the slow cooker. I have to point out that Bets and I did not grow up in a slow cooker house. Our mom was a great cook and made hearty, homey food, but she just didn’t routinely use a slow cooker. So it’s fun to figure out these things together!

Here’s a soup we made Saturday. It’s my favorite kind of slow cooker recipe in that it requires no pre-cooking or sauteing or browning. You literally throw everything in, turn it on, then go live your life until it’s done.

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