Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies

Who here likes cookies? I bet that would be most of you. The ones who don’t like cookies will surely enjoy them after they try this recipe.
When I first saw a picture of these chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies I instantly thought of black and white cookies. I have no idea why because they are nothing alike. Anyway, these little gems taste uh-mazing!
Sally and I were brainstorming on what goodies to include in our holiday gift baskets this year. You see, every year our church puts together goody baskets for shut-ins. We always try to make them super special so that the people feel loved and cared for. I think these cookies will do just that, don’t you?

These cookies are insanely good and very simple to make!
Check out what my pals over at Cooking Mamas had to say about this recipe:
“Gourmet peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate, sprinkles and peanuts!”
Uh, what sounds better than that?

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