Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Cups

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Hello. i’m the submitter of this recipe. i forgot to add an important side note to this recipe. if i have apple juice on hand, i’ll use it in place of the water. i find that it adds another layer of flavour and sweetness to the apples.

REALLY awesome! I only had honeycrisp apples on hand and those worked beautifully. It IS a bit labor intensive, pressing the crust into all those little tins, but so worth it in the end. Tip on making the crust easier – cube your cold butter up and put it in the freezer. Put all of the crust mixture except the oats into your food processor, then add the frozen butter. Pulse until resembles coarse crumbs. Transfer to a big bowl and then mix in the oats. MUCH faster than cutting it in and distributes beautifully. I made these exactly as described but did add a little vanilla to the apples. Very delicious. Took longer than stated to cook, about 30 minutes. Ultimately I put the broiler on to brown the tops better. I will make these often in the fall. Thanks for the recipe!

These are delicious! I have become a HUGE fan of these little treats. They are the perfect little dessert! I have made these many times since I discovered this recipe. The thing that makes it so perfect is that you can make the crisp part and the filling part ahead of time and refrigerate it. Put together the cups and filling just before you need them. Bake them as directed. However, the *best* thing is that you can actually make them, bake them and then freeze them. They are actually *perfect* this way and taste exactly the same as freshly baked and cooled. Pop them out on the counter just a little while before a party or guests coming. I keep them in the freezer now because you can actually defrost them in the microwave, too, in just a few seconds. They are great to have on hand. I do cut down on the butter by about 1/3, but other than that these are the absolutely perfect little treat. Thanks, Weeble!

Excellent, Weeble; thanks! Used apple cider in place of water. Sliced butter and put in freezer for 20 minutes; placed all dough ingredients in food processor, zapped twice to distribute evenly, then added frozen butter and used one-minute pulses until pea sized. Quartered dough, left 3 portions in fridge while working first batch. GOOD IDEA: I used pestle (from mortar and pestle set) to press dough neatly to fit mini tin muffin pan. Am using leftover crust for toppings on any baked apples, pears, or other fruit.

This is a wonderful crisp recipe and a clever idea! The recipe, followed as written, did give me some trouble though. I just could not get the crust to the proper consistency for pressing in the pans by hand, so I put it through my food processor and pulsed until it started to clump. If you don’t have a processor, then I would recommend softening your butter to at least room temperature before cutting in. I might even try that next time, as it was a fiddle trying to get that much volume of crust through my processor (I did it in two batches ~ I also might reduce the crust mixture next time as I had one cup left over after the final topping). I ended up short of apple filling by one whole pan, so it might be helpful to know how many cups are needed for the recipe instead of number of apples. Chopped pecans would be a wonderful addition to the topping. Thank you for sharing the recipe with us.

I made these before they got published, so I thought I would transfer my review over : These are awesome Weeble! Let me start by saying I didn’t quite follow the recipe. I halved it, thinking, I don’t have that many pans. Not realizing it was mini muffins. So I made big ones! I am trying to use apples out of the freezer, so I had already cooked them in the microwave. I just add butter, sugar, brown sugar, apple pie spice, and cinnamon after draining some of the water off. That was when I remembered your recipe, so I used the crust part. I realized they were supposed to be mini’s when I tried to take them out of the pan, LOL! That would work much better holding together, but I got them cooled enough, put a cookie sheet over the pan, flipped them out and they held together. Tastes so good!I’ll do the mini crisps next time, I still have more apples! Thanks.


1 can refrigerated cinnamon rolls
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