Comforting Chicken & Noodles Crock Pot

This is exactly the same recipe that my husband’s grandma used. Apparently it was a special Halloween after-trick-or-treat meal served over mashed potatoes. I love it on it’s own, and we make it a lot more frequently than once a year! It’s my favorite chicken noodle soup recipe.

We’ve also subbed turkey or rabbit in for the chicken, and it’s just as delicious. We’ve also added other vegetables, like onions, carrots, and peas. But the base recipe is still fantastic all on its own.

Made this for dinner tonight. Pretty tasty. I read other comments that it came out too think so I I used water and chicken broth, only added 1 can of soup and a 1/2 cup sour cream. Also added carrots and onion.

This is a keeper! because we can do so much with it. I added carrots, peas, celery salt and a bit of garlic, SO good. Next time I will use red potatoes instead of noodles. Another time I plan on throwing in some zucchini (no carrots, etc.).

Great recipe, wonderful comforting taste. In a couple of the comments that I read it was said that this was more like a stroganoff than a soup. The solution is just use less noodles, I only used 4 cups.


2 cancream of chicken soup
2 canchicken broth (15oz each)

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