Cool, Crisp, And Delightful – Cucumber Picnic Sandwiches

Enjoy the flavors of a crunchy cucumber sandwich!

When my daughter was having her baby shower, she put me in charge of the food. She knows that I love to cook, and plan, and entertain, and she knew that I would drive her nuts if she didn’t give me something to do. I was more than happy to help her with anything she needed, and food was right up my alley. I already knew what we were going to do as far as a menu type, but I didn’t know exactly what I was going to make. I wanted sandwiches and salads, for a nice summery baby shower theme. Those always seem to go over really well whenever I attend them.
It was time to go on the prowl and see what I could find. I was talking with a few of my friends at a meeting for church one day about the event coming up, and one of them mentioned cucumber sandwiches. I was picturing the plain cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, and I thought that was too boring.
Then, she started describing these cucumber sandwiches that she had seen her neighbor make. They sounded just fancy enough, yet simple, making them ideal for the party coming up. That was settled, I knew what I was making after that very conversation.

I got enough ingredients to make a great big batch of this for the party. I did it with the chicken, just because I figured more people would eat chicken than what would eat tuna fish. This was so tasty, I don’t think it would have mattered what I put in it. Everyone loved their sandwiches, and my daughter couldn’t stop thanking me for making her day so special. I was just proud that we made it through! A few weeks later, she gave birth to a bouncing, beautiful baby boy… and my very first grandson. I couldn’t have been happier.
I make these yummy sandwiches all year long. They are so light and refreshing, it’s like holding sunshine in your hand!
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