If You Ever Had A Warm, Gooey Fresh Biscuit From KFC Then You Know What I Am Talking About…

There is nothing better than a warm, flaky biscuit served at breakfast. If it is smothered with some warm butter, marmalade or jam – these biscuits are perfect for any menu option that it might be served with.

I love, biscuits – even when they are a few days old because they still taste amazing. These little fluffy pastries are best served with some butter but are more commonly smothered in honey or jam.

Whenever I go to KFC I always ask for a few extras but instead of having them pre-made I deconstructed the recipe and found out that they taste exactly the same!

Now instead of waiting in line at my favorite drive-in diner I can easily make them at home and serve them up with my lunch, breakfast or dinner.

There are so many things that you can do with these biscuits; the possibilities are endless.

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