Cornbread Casserole That Will Make You Think It’s Thanksgiving All Over Again

I never like to wait until Thanksgiving to begin trying those festive kind of recipes. Actually, I do not usually eat Thanksgiving sides only on the holiday. I tend to eat them year round, letting the Turkey be the star of the show that day. It is fun to enjoy throughout the year since they are usually so good, but I never get a chance to fully enjoy them on that day due to the amount of food there is.
So that is why I have made it a point to enjoy it more throughout the year. This past year, my neighbor Anne has been trying her Thanksgiving recipes as early as January. Yeah, I know she is a bit ahead of herself, but she loves to try them, enjoy and know what she is going to serve early.
She says it is for the sake of the guests so they get some good food, but I am convinced she does it for herself so she can try some yummy foods throughout the year. Anyways, the first thing she squared away at the very beginning of the year was her cornbread casserole recipe. I was lucky enough to try it since she always lets me sample her work.

This cornbread casserole is outstanding! I mean, I had never had one so perfect. This recipe is a keeper, not just for Thanksgiving, but the entire year! It is the perfect balance of salty and sweet (which I personally think it is pretty hard to find when making a side dish and not a dessert).
It also has great texture as it is cakey, but not too dense and thick that it becomes almost rubbery. There is a science behind the perfect cornbread and this recipe is it! Check out what our friends over at Dizzy, Busy and Hungry had to say about this:

“When I make Cornbread Casserole, the kids actually say ‘Yay!”. That hardly ever happens. I mean, there are plenty of times that they are happy about something I am making, but this reaction is more than happiness, it is exuberance. They LOVE this dish!”

That is exactly what I want to hear from my kids when I make a dish. So if this is a kid approved dish, I want to keep this nearby for years to come! Not to mention, it is husband approved so that is a plus!
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