Country Ranch Green Beans ‘n Potatoes

Easy. Simple. DELICIOUS! Pan lickin’ good! 😉 Yep, that sums these up. 😉

And they come in super handy for when you’re cooking on the grill, too!

They go great with just about anything from my Garlic Balsamic Brown Sugar Steaks and Resaurant-Style Filet Mignon, to cheeseburgers! Also fantastic with anything slathered with barbecue sauce!

I love dishes like this that are easy to throw together yet packed with great flavor so that I can give my full, undivided attention, to whatever main dish I’m making that I need to concentrate on.

Summertime especially, is just too busy and there’s too much fun to be had enjoying the outdoors! So don’t sweat it! Enjoy! And have beautiful day! 😀

Ingredients :

½ stick butter (4 Tbl.)
1 small sweet onion, cut into thin wedges
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