Cram Your Creamed Corn Into A Skillet And Come Up With A Delightful Side Dish

Creamed corn is always a hit with my family, so when my daughter-in-law (and trusty kitchen assistant), Krissi, saw this recipe she couldn’t wait to prepare it!

This would be a wonderful recipe to multiply for family reunions or potlucks. And would you believe it if I told you that at one point my family and I hated creamed corn? Then, I came across this heavenly recipe and that all changed. I know serve creamed corn quite regularly and my family couldn’t be happier.
I think the reason why this cream corn is so good to me is because of the texture. it is not soggy like so many creamed corn recipes are. The corn stays crisp and firm and I like this as does my family. You could never, ever buy something like this in the store or in a can. Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, you are going to want to try this creamed corn recipe!


3 ears fresh corn
1 1/4 cup Borden heavy cream
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