Creamy Baked Mashed Potatoes Really Liven Up The Dinner Table

When it comes to savory side dishes I am all over that like white on rice!

This potato bake is no different. The spuds are scrubbed, peeled, and cooked until they are a creamy, yummy mess of goodness. I seriously cannot get enough of these baked mashed potatoes! The best part about it all is that these spuds are super easy to make. I think these baked mashed potatoes would make the perfect side dish at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.
Another great thing about this side dish is that almost everyone loves it including the kids. It is rich, creamy, and very flavorful. My middle son is a very picky eater and he said that these potatoes were his favorite food on the table. That’s a win for team mom for sure!

You are really going to enjoy these fabulous tasting potatoes. I can’t get enough of them! These are definitely creamy and smooth and totally make my family’s day when I make them. I can’t believe how yummy these are! Will you be cooking up these lovely little spuds today? If so, please let me know how they turn out in the comments as I always enjoy hearing from you guys and gals.
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