Creamy Coconut Pie Creates Conversation ‘Round The Dinner Table

We were having a group meeting at our church a few months back, and it was my turn to bring in the dessert.

Now, I’m no expert when it comes to baking. I can cook, but baking, not my thing. So, I half debated on just grabbing a pie from the bakery. I didn’t have anything else to do though, so I figured I should really surprise the ladies and bring in a homemade dish. They all knew how much I loved to bake, and I think a few actually laughed when they heard it was my turn for dessert.

I decided to look online and see if I could find something to make. I knew that I would definitely have to follow a recipe to get something that was at least edible. I found a recipe for coconut cream pie on All Recipes and figured that it was worth a shot.

The directions seemed like something I could handle, so I did a practice run. It actually turned out very tasty! I had a friend stop by the day after I made it and she said that it was very good, and worthy of taking out to the public. Finally, I am a baker!

When I showed up at the church meeting with my homemade pie, everyone asked me where I got it from. There wasn’t one person that believed me when I told them I made it myself. Finally, I had to pull out the recipe and show them. After they saw that, they were asking me for a copy! Now, whenever it’s time for me to bring in the dessert, I don’t hear any snickers from anyone.

You won’t believe all of the memories that will come flooding back to you when you sink your teeth into this tasty recipe!

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