Creamy Creamed Peas Go With Everything!

My mom never really mixed things up in the kitchen too much. We pretty much knew what we were getting on a day to day basis. She usually made up a meat and potato with a side vegetable. Otherwise it was a casserole or chili. That was about it. Sometimes though, when she had a day off, she would check out her book of recipes and mix something around, just to surprise us. It was almost never the vegetable that she messed with. That was a can that got opened and dumped into a pan and warmed up.
One day though, when day was out of town on business, she made these creamed peas that were very much the same as this recipe from Julie’s Eats & Treats. I was already a big fan of peas, so I could tell just by looking at them I was going to love them… and I did! I had way more than my required two scoops of veggies that night.
My siblings didn’t share in my excitement so much, and Mom told me that Dad didn’t like them at all, that’s why she waited until he was gone. The two of us ate most of the pan ourselves!

I can hardly ever get my kids to eat their vegetables without some sort of complaint, huff and puff, or look of pity. They do like peas though, so I thought this would do the trick, and I was right! They really did enjoy these and there wasn’t a single negative comment that came from the table when I put them on their plates. My husband doesn’t usually even eat peas but he liked these, and even went back for seconds! Check out what they are saying about this recipe over at Julie’s Eats & Treats:
“Yummy! We love peas in our house.”
Regular vegetables can get boring. I’m all for jazzing up the side dish!

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