Creamy Lemon Parmesan Mushrooms

RCreamy Lemon Parmesan Mushrooms – BEST mushrooms you’ll ever make. Soaked in a creamy, cheesy and lemony Parmesan sauce. Perfect recipe that takes 15 mins!

This creamy lemon Parmesan Mushrooms recipe is inspired by an airport lunch. Yes, at the Los Angeles International Airport. We had our lunch before taking off to Greece recently so we picked this restaurant serving hot foods. And oh my, I am glad we ate there.

The restaurant serves buffet-style hot dishes and this was the side dish that day. The mushrooms were steeped in the most amazing and flavorful lemony and creamy sauce, with Parmesan cheese! The oregano infused the creamy sauce with its amazing aroma and I practically licked my plate dry.

If you love mushrooms, you should definitely make this recipe. I prefer small brown mushrooms but white mushrooms will do. This recipe takes only 15 minutes, and that includes quickly rinsing the mushrooms with water and then cutting off the stems. Try my recipe, you and your family will be begging for more.


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