Creep Into Spring With This Strawberry Rhubarb Custard Pie

My mouth is watering just looking at this pie!

I love fresh fruit pies, especially strawberry rhubarb. This pie combines the delicious tastes of those amazing fruits with a twist: custard! How yummy does that sound? Now, we are currently neck deep in the throws of winter but that doesn’t stop my heart from longing for spring. I may not have any garden-fresh berries or rhubarb growing in the backyard but I do have a grocery store.
I decided to make this pie with fruit from the market and it turned out pretty amazing. I hope you’ll give this yummy pie a shot and surprise your friends and family with it.

At first, I thought this pie was going to be a nightmare to make because of all the steps, especially the homemade crust part. However, I was pleasantly surprised! It wasn’t too bad to make at all and the results were seriously rewarding. My husband and kids loved this pie, especially my husband. He isn’t normally a fan of rhubarb but when I mix the tart root with sweet strawberries he is in heaven.
The homemade custard is my favorite part of this pie. So creamy and delicious!
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