Crispy Oven Fried Garlic Mushrooms

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This is a great base recipe for a batter. You can adjust from this base to be seasoned salt-based, spicy, etc. Or just plain with maybe a little extra salt. I added a few generous shakes of cayenne pepper into the batter and an extra quarter teaspoon of salt, and served it with ranch instead of marinara. Turned out nice!

I had some old mushrooms that be needed to use asap. I bumped into this recipe. I loved the consistency of the batter, and the suggestion to dip with a pick. I loved the Panko which gave them a chewy crunch. They were such a quick and easy weekend snack. We just used with ranch, but an Aioli sauce would be great too. I will for sure add this to my go to for deep frying anything!

These were so good! I ran out of panko and finished up with flavored bread crumbs. Not sure which I like best. They made so many I froze the extras on a cookie sheet and then bagged them. I dropped them into the fryer frozen and they cooked up beautifully. Thanks for the great recipe.

OMG! I wanted some breaded mushrooms as a kind of birthday treat for myself but money was really too tight for me to get them from my favorite restaurant so I decided to try to make some. I bought a handful for about $1 and found your recipe. I WILL NEVER PAY FOR THESE AT A RESTAURANT AGAIN! The batter was quick and easy and the panko crumbs were perfect. These were as good as any I have ever had, super easy and a lot less expensive! Now I can have these anytime I want! It is so wonderful when a recipe turns out as described. I do think you should add additional seasoning, particularly salt or seasoned salt as others have. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

Best Batter! I stumbled across this recipe in hope of frying my mushrooms before they went bad. I don’t fry much and wouldn’t say I’m a great cook. But this was the easiest recipe to follow. I did ADD half a packet of Ranch Dressing Seasoning to the batter mix. The batter didn’t flake or break during any part of the process. 5 stars in my book and have already sent this recipe to my co workers. I used toothpicks during the whole process and only once I dropped them in the oil I pulled all the toothpicks out it helped with the dredging and coating process. YUMMMM


6-8 ounce carton mushrooms small to medium sized mushrooms
⅓ cup almond flour
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