Crock Pot Orange Chicken – Make Tonight’s Supper FUN!

The Chinese buffet has nothin’ on this recipe!

Orange chicken is probably one of those recipes that my I love but don’t often get to cook. But whenever I do, everyone just eats a lot as if they haven’t eaten for days. It’s one of my husband’s favorites. And my sons just couldn’t get enough of them. Grandma used to cook orange chicken for us. It was a recipe she accidentally thought of. I mean sure, there really is an orange chicken recipe, but her version was something accidental.

It was a story that I heard lots of times from my Mom. She often helped Grandma in the kitchen so she witnessed more than what she wanted to witness. There were a few kitchen mishaps that we wouldn’t have imagined because Grandma Of The Kitchen was flawless for us.

The orange chicken happened when she ran out of soy sauce for her chicken dish. Since meal time was near, she has to make do with anything at the pantry. There was orange marmalade in there and that’s what she used.

The orange chicken turned out to be really good. It has become a recipe at my Grandma’s house since then. My Mom got the recipe from her and was able to make it for us all the time (lucky us).

How about you? Do you have anything similar to this incident?

My husband has his own version of this chicken. Instead of using marmalade or any orange preserves, he uses real orange. It was a recipe taught to him by his own mother. I have to agree that it’s probably one of the best orange chicken versions I have ever tasted. Or maybe I am just biased because he is my husband. But then again, home-cooked meals that use raw ingredients really taste good. This recipe by Food.com will surprise you though. It’s one of the easiest recipes that taste as good as the ones that use raw ingredients.

You can use anything you want for this recipe as this is a bit flexible. You don’t have to stick so much to the list of ingredients. This is the reason why it’s an ideal family dish!

And the best thing about this? It’s cooked in a slow cooker, which makes it really convenient!

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