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Cheese soup is a type of soup prepared using cheese as a primary ingredient, along with milk, broth and/or stock to form its basis. Various additional ingredients are used in its preparation, and various types and styles of cheese soup exist. It is a part of some cuisines in the world, such as American, Colombian, Mexican, Swiss and Tibetan cuisines. Mass-produced cheese soups may be prepared with the addition of food additives to preserve them and enhance flavor.

Cheese soup is a part of various cuisines, such as American cuisine, Colombian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Swiss cuisine and Tibetan cuisine.

Mote de queso is a traditional cheese soup dish in the Córdoba Department of Colombia. In Spanish, “cheese soup” translates to “sopa de queso”, and a published Mexican recipe from 1893 exists for the dish under this name. In Switzerland, cheese soup is referred to as Kassuppe, and it is a specialty dish in Central Switzerland.

Churu is a Tibetan cheese soup prepared with churu cheese of Tibet.
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