Dark Chocolate vs White Chocolate – Which One Make You Gain More Weight

Chocolate is the key to heaven and hell at the same time. It takes us in heaven with every bite thanks to its taste that induces euphoria and amazing pleasant states of being, while at the same time serving as hell-gate for those that have weight problems.

Still, chocolate is addictive and most of the times irresistible. But with such a rich diversity of chocolate to choose from, which is the most harmful one, and which can be enjoyed in peace with fewer repercussions?

When faced with the decision of choosing between white and dark chocolate, remember a few facts: dark chocolate is better for your silhouette than white chocolate. This is because white chocolate contains a mixture of sugar and milk, that all are friends of extra kilograms and cellulite.

Dark chocolate, on the other hand, is obtained by mixing cacao powder with cacao butter and maybe milk free, which is great for your figure!

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