Deep Fried Doughnut Delights!

My daughter’s fifth birthday was coming up, and as she was growing up, she was quite an independent little lady.
She heard me talking about the planning of her party, and she wanted in on the action. I was talking about ordering her a cake from the local bakery when she piped up and said that she didn’t want a cake. “Well alright then little lady, what is it that you want?” She said she wanted pancakes and ice cream for her snack. Ummm…. hmmmmm ….. that was different.
Thanks to the world wide web, I knew that there had to be something out there that someone had made before that was going to fit the bill.
I couldn’t wait to make these because I wanted to be sure they were going to turn out. I enlisted my sassy little sweetie as the taste tester and she loved them. They got her seal of approval for the party. We had a winner!
Photo credit of Hustle Mom Repeat.com.

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