Delicious green chiles stuffed with cheese, dipped in a special batter and fried in canola oil.

In order to get authentic tasting chile rellenos, you should use a couple of eggs, seperated. Whip the whites w/an electric mixer until stiff peaks form. Beat the yolks seperatley and fold them into the whites (preseverving the volume of the whites). Then you can dip the stuffed chiles into the egg…and don’t worry about slopping it on. You want the entire chile covered. When your chile comes out of the oil, you’ll have a nice fluffy coating…rather than a heavy egg-y tasting batter that most homemade recipes call for.

An easy way to char your chiles is to heat up the broiler in your oven and toss the peppers directly on to the racks. (Poblano’s can be substituted w/great results). You want the entire surface to be browned and blistered, so you will have to flip them occasionally. Then, stick the peppers in a zip-lock and let them steam for about 1/2 an hour or so. When you return to them, they’ll be cool enough to handle, and the skin will be really easy to peel off!! Make sure not to remove the stems when you slit open the chiles to remove the seeds and membranes.
Follow these tips, and you will have one tasty little treat!!
Also, I use white cheese rather than cheddar.


12 Anaheim chile peppers, charred and peeled
1 pound Cheddar cheese, cut into strips
1 cup milk

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