This no-bake cheesecake is as simple as they come, no fancy ingredients or techniques involved. I like to mix things up with Biscoff rather than graham crackers in the crust, but whatever you decide, the filling itself is refreshing, tart, and only lightly sweetened.
The trick is to give the crust and filling plenty of time to chill, which makes them easier to slice. Right before serving, top with fresh fruit for a light and summery dessert.

TOP Reviews:

I wanted a recipe that was classic and easy. I haven’t had an easier time making cheesecake. I don’t put the topping on because it is great without it. ALWAYS let your cold ingredients come to room temperature before you make cheesecake.

I have made this recipe 3 times and my husband and I love it! I prebake the crust at 300′ for ten minutes and I bake the cheesecake on top of a water bath. This helps to bake it evenly and helps it to not crack on top. It is also important to allow it to cool inside the oven with the door only slightly cracked to prevent cooler air to rush in the oven. This also causes cracks in the cake.it is very easy and has a nice smooth creamy texture. The taste has a touch of sweet but not overly so. Enjoy !

This is a great recipe. I tried it twice and nailed it the 2nd time around. It’s very creamy, not too sweet. Served it with lemon curd and strawberry sauce on the side. Notes: -This is more of a 10″ and not a 9″ -I put foil around my pan to prevent it from cracking -Started it on 350 but then turned it down to 300 after about 10 mins in. -towards the end I turned off the oven and cracked the door and let it cool in the oven. -added an extra tsp of vanilla and a little lemon zest -did a little more butter in the crust and added some cinnamon. These notes are what I did the 2nd time around and got a great cheesecake

Great! Exactly what I was hoping for– easy, creamy, delicious. Made four small cakes in my mini cheese cake spring forms. Stirred chocolate chips into one and topped another with strawberries. So good. Made exactly as directed, barring the name brands :).

First off, it says 9 inch pan. I used 9 inch and there was WAY too much filling for it. It started settling and overflowed – a lot. I used a waterbath, it still cracked a lot and was very brown on top regardless of using minimum cooking time. Not a big deal, planned to use a topping. (Country cherry) Tastes amazing. Everyone thought it was to DIE for. Never buying premade cheesecake again. Making my second one tonight! Using 10inch pan, baking 1hr at 300 degrees. Waterbath. Topping with raspberries, blackberries and strawberry medley.

This cheesecake was easy to make and delicious. Because I’m just starting out (I’m 23), I don’t have a lot of baking equipment and I had to use a regular dish instead of a springform pan. Well, I’m assuming that’s what caused the cheesecake to crack. It was just for me and my hubby, so appearance didn’t matter so much! Also, I feel like the filling should be split between two smaller cakes, because it overflows with just one. Other than appearance, the cake was delicious. 🙂 Instead of a cherry topping, I made a blueberry syrup to pour over it. Yummm!
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