Easy-To-Make Cornbread Recipe That’ll Surely Ward Off Those Winter Blahs

When I was growing up my mother would quite often make big old pots of homemade chili.

She would generally do this during the cold fall and winter months. We lived in Michigan so there was always a need to eat something that would warm up the belly. Whenever mom would make chili she would also have fluffy cornbread as well. I remember spooning the chili on top of the cornbread and sprinkling shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream on top.

MMM! Boy, was that meal ever good! I do declare that the cornbread was what made the chili so amazing, though. You’re going to love this recipe.

Are you super stoked to get this wonderful recipe in your possession? Great! I’ll end your waiting by guiding you over to the next page (just click the link below). Once there, you’ll have all the details on how to make this amazing dish. Happy baking!

Cornbread is one of those staple southern recipes that you just can’t live without. I love how this delicious bread turns out and you will, too! Nothing beats having a big pot of chili on the stove with cornbread baking in the oven on a cold day. In fact, this type of meal is one of my favorites. My husband and kids like cornbread and chili, too. I’m glad my mother invested her cooking skills in my as a little girl.

My mother would always cook from scratch, too, however, she seemed to keep the little blue box on hand as well ?
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