Fantastic Fruit Cocktail Salad – Sweetly Simple

There are times in my life when I am hungry for a sweet treat but I’d like to calm my sweet tooth with something fresh and natural. I will probably get a few dirty looks for saying this but I don’t always need to indulge on chocolate cakes and cookies. So, what’s a gal to do when she has a sugar craving but wants a fresher, healthier option? Why she makes a glazed fruit salad of course! You guys, this is seriously one of the BEST fruit salads that I have ever eaten.
I learned that this fruit salad is actually a vintage recipe that was adapted from a 1950’s magazine called, “Reminisce”. I absolutely adore vintage recipes. How about you?

When I served this fruit salad for dessert to my husband and kids they were delighted to eat it up. I was surprised that they didn’t complain that we were having fruit instead of cake or ice cream. Win for team mom!

I found out that this recipe came from a 1950’s magazine. It was discovered by a thoughtful lady named, Mrs. Martin. I am thrilled that dear old Mrs. Martin saw this recipe and shared it with us all. The glaze on the fruit is unlike any other! I am seriously getting my sweet fix from this natural deliciousness. I enjoy eating this fruit salad as a dessert or side dish. I can remember my grandma making this yummy fruit salad with her special glaze sauce and it was impeccable! What are some of your favorite vintage recipes? Let me know what they are in the comments below. Enjoy!
This is exactly why I like vintage recipes!

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