Freakishly Flavorful Frito Pie Casserole

Did you ever want to make an original casserole dish? Yeah, honestly neither did I.

But my husband? He adores fancy casserole dishes that are full of cheesy goodness. One of his favorite things to do is choose random ingredients from my pantry and then ask me to put something together with this. We actually play this little game quite often and I have always found it to be so fun as it allows me to put together everything like a real chef! This the way we created an awesome recipe for Doritos crusted chicken and now it is one of our go-to meals when the Doritos bag is running low.
Well, one day he told me he wanted me to put together a new and exciting dish. That dish had to include chips, but not Doritos. He wanted something interesting and different- something he had never heard of before. So, I told him to go ahead and search through the pantry and find exactly what he wanted to make.

Well, in no time, he had selected a bag of Fritos to be the star of this dish. In just 30 minutes I had prepared a pretty awesome recipe of Fritos casserole that is unlike any other.


This dip is amazingly delicious layers of ground beef (or you can use turkey), beans, cheese and then loaded with crushed Fritos. I personally also like to add a smear of sour cream along with a topping of salsa over it for some more yummy Mexican flavors. But however you prepare this dish, I assure you it will be delicious and totally worth it. You are going to be the cool mom who brings Fritos dip to your kid’s party. I bet no one else does that!

I will admit, this one of my favorite junk food/snack options these days as well. It’s full of amazing crunchy chips and all the goodness a Mexican restaurant serves. What can be better than that?


1 1/4 pounds ground beef

1 (16 oz.) can Old El Paso refried beans
1 (4 oz.) can mild green chiles, diced
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